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An Intuitive Experience to Activate Your  Psychic Abilities

Renewing Your Natural Psychic Gifts for the Golden Age

As we move once again into the elevated states of consciousness on the earth, the memories of this time are returning for many. So are the potentials to reconnect with and reclaim the gifts humanity developed from this time. We'll also bring in energies and connections to support in releasing any traumas associated with "psychic burnout" - from the overwhelm of what happened in humanity's past. It will not be repeated this time around.

June 2024 - Intro + 3 consecutive dates

Atlantis Rising
Intuition in the Golden Age

Do you remember Atlantis? I do. It was an exquisite place with the focus on oneness and spiritual life at its heart -- when the civilization was at its apex. I remember the flow, ease and collective consciousness and the harmony experienced there, the natural intuitive connections. I also remember the destruction of the lands brought about by the misuse of high-level technologies, and some of the sadness remains with me to this day. I was one among many who warned about the imminent destruction if we abused the powerful technologies. And I still see areas of this place in my inner vision that were so beautiful and dear to me as they collapsed and Atlantis went down.

Some Atlantean Principles:

  • Everyone has psychic abilities, but they only work when you use and develop them.
  • Intuitive abilities develop as we live in harmony with the whole and cultivate inner states of wholeness, oneness.
  • Everyone has telepathic abilities that are accessible.
  • Working with dreams and symbols is natural.
  • Many of you may remember using crystals and crystal technologies.
  • Psychic/intuitive abilities for self-healing become more easily accessible.

Are You Open to Reconnecting with Your Intuitive Gifts?
One of the aspects that humanity experienced was a trauma around the use of our intuitive abilities. It's now time to reclaim them and invite the reconnection to occur - if you're willing and feel inspired to,

In the coming days and weeks you may feel inspired to notice flashes of this Atlantean time as memories resurface. The Atlantean time which is characterized by beautiful architecture -- white, crystalline, smooth surfaces and very high vibrational frequencies.

Développement de l'Intuition

Gérer votre champ d'énergie pour une intuition plus claire
  Atelier gratuit via Zoom

mercredi, 29 nov. - 19h30 - 18h30
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Intuition et écriture

Intuition et inspiration créative - écrire pour ancrer vos idées et votre vision pour 2024 et au-delà

Samedi, 2 décembre - 14h - 16h
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Développement de l'intuition

Amplifiez vos capacités intuitives

Dimanche, 10 décembre - 16h - 18h
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