Welcome to The Intuition Institute 
for Higher Dimensional Learning

Intuition is your most valuable tool for navigating these extra-ordinary times -- and for creating an inspired future. The Intuition Institute opens the door to accessing your natural intuitive abilities. Receive direct intuitive guidance and learn how to develop your intuition with confidence.
  • Intuition
  • Direct, immediate knowing without recourse to reasoning or experience.

Bienvenue à l'Institut pour le Développement de l'Intuition
L'intuition est votre outil le plus précieux pour gérer ces temps extraordinaires et pour créer un avenir exceptionnel. The Intuition Center - Le Centre d'Intuition vous permet d'accéder à vos capacités intuitives naturelles. Recevez des conseils intuitifs directs et apprenez à développer votre intuition en toute confiance.

Intuition: Connaissance directe, immédiate de la vérité, sans recours au raisonnement, à l'expérience – (Le Larousse)

Intuitive Sessions

Receive information and insights based on your questions. She works with clients worldwide doing in-person and sessions via Zoom or Skype. Sessions are confidential.  Subjects often include relationships with partners, family members and colleagues; work and career; future projects and potentials, and more. Sessions are offered by founder, Debra and other certified intuitives.

Intuition Courses

Discover courses and workshops - both online and in-person to support you in discovering, amplifying and developing your highest intuitive abilities. We work with experts and confirmed intuitives for trainings and workshops. Some recent trainings include - "Managing and Mastering Your Energy Field for Clearer Intuition; Telepathy - Levels 1 & 2; Accessing Intuition 1 for Health & Creativity, and Accessing Intuition 2 - Creating Prosperity.

The Intuition Circle

The Intuition Circle  meets two times per month via livestream to explore intuition, work together in break-out sessions, and receive direct answers to questions about your intuitive insights. The Circle is highly interactive and uses guided meditation experiences, presentations and group sharing to support members in connecting with inner guidance and gain confidence in intuitive abilities.

Your intuition is your best friend. By developing the relationship with your intuitive self, you can move through life 
with ease and grace.

Our Expertise

How we intuitively support you:

Every one is intuitive. Explore our site to discover the many ways we support you in empowering you to develop your highest intuitive abilities.
  • Empowered Wisdom in Action
  • Respect and Confidentiality
  • Deep Human Values - Compassion, Discernment, Love in Action