The Spirit of the Intuition Institute

The images of the white pavillion by the sea that represent the energy of the Institute, come from the ancient city of light that shines in truth and beauty over the Island of Crete. 

During her stay there, Debra saw and experienced this beautiful light city above the island and experienced its very high-vibrational frequency.

This visual representation of the Institute aims to share and communicate the energy and the high-freqency of this beautiful place which is accessible in a very close dimension to where we reside.
About Debra Moffitt

Debra Moffitt,founder of the Intuition Institute for Higher Dimensional Learning, feels strongly that intuition is the tool for our rapidly changing times - and for navigating the many changes to come. The focus of the Intuition Institute is empowering individuals and groups to rely more and more on the natural inner guidance system of intuition for decisionmaking, inspiration, creativity and guidance.

About The Intuition Institute

The Intuition Institute for Higher Dimensional Learning feels strongly that intuition is your most valuable tool for navigating these extra-ordinary times -- and for creating an inspired future. The Intuition Institute opens the door to accessing your natural intuitive abilities. Receive direct intuitive guidance and learn how to develop your intuition with confidence. We connect and collaborate with confirmed teachers and intuitives for creating workshops and trainings of high value.
Our Values:

Empowered Wisdom in Action

Respect and Confidentiality

Deep Human Values - Compassion, Discernment, Love in Action

Our definition of intuition
Direct, immediate knowing without recourse to reasoning or experience.